Woman looking in a mirror with head in hands smiling

Fees and commitments

Attending counselling does take commitment, although it is worth it for the benefits. You need to be able to commit to attending weekly sessions and also to take action in your self and your life in order to see positive change. 

Fee per session: £45.00


Online counselling

Online counselling and telephone counselling requires that you are able to access a private, quiet space to access your sessions. You also need to have the relevant technology. If you are accessing sessions online, this can be done usually via a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You also need a good wifi connection. Phone counselling requires you to have a phone and if you have earphones, these can be helpful so you can hear better and don't have to hold your phone to your ear.

Hand holding a pen signing a contract

Creating our contract

During our first session, we will work through a contract together and both sign this. You will receive a copy of this to take away. This document is important as it documents:

  • My responsibilities as your counsellor

  • Your responsibilities as the client

  • An agreed way of working together

The contract can be reviewed at any stage of your counselling journey, and it is important that we are both in agreement that the terms set out will work for both of us.